Celina Adrian I American Author, Poet


From the Author:


Celina Adrian, born Celina Denkins.

"I grew up between North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia but credit New York City for raising me. My current and primary residence is Los Angeles, CA, though I have been known to tuck away in the quiet of Atlanta's familiarity or behind the consistent anonymity of New York's busy streets.

I find comfort in conversation just as much as I do in silence. You might find me hiding behind words or somewhere at the end of a sentence attempting to punctuate my life experiences.

My Grandmothers golden plethora of stories and profound influence in my life are the reason I chose to write, a taste of chocolate. In this book, there lives some weaving of elder’s stories, a tiny tapestry of my own life experiences and a general concept of the story idea based on an Uncle's death. Though it is a fictional piece of work, with a ton of fluff and fold, these culmination of influences embody the womb from which a taste of chocolate was birthed.

Until recently, a taste of chocolate was a manuscript that sat collecting dust for about 20 or so years. I wrote this book while living in San Francisco for a short period of time. With at least a hundred plus cups of coffee totaling about 4 or more cups a day, amateur cigarette smoking of barely inhaling (you’ve heard this before), a month later, some nights turning into days without shut eye, a manuscript surfaced from my mind. Voices came. Voices went. 4 of them stood out. 4 children became the narrators and I became a tiny piece of almost every character and of every moment in hopes that anyone who reads this story, would become the same. Its a deeply personal piece of fiction and I hope it resonates with you.


Thank you for purchasing a taste of chocolate. Please enjoy it!"

Sincerely, Celina